We started the month with a trip (a 7 hour bus drive) to Guatemala City to pick up Grampsy from the airport. His visit was a complete surprise for the girls! Boy, where they surprised! Audrey’s birthday week starts now!

Bus to GC Lorelei on the bus, as we pull into the big city.

Grampsy, Audrey and Lorelei in GC They were so happy to see him.

As per usual, we put my dad to work the second he arrived!

Dad working on the boat at Tijax We put the jib back on the boat in preparation for leaving Guatemala.

Chess with Grampsy He was allowed to have a little fun though.

Mexican Train at Nanajuana I’m going to miss this! I love afternoons with the ladies playing Mexican Train.

Mermaids in the pool All of Audrey’s wildest mermaid dreams came true! Grampsy brought the girls mermaid tails.

The girls took Grampsy zip lining on their favorite course! This was Lorelei’s 3rd time and Audrey’s 4th. The park has a long series of zip lines with a canopy obstacle course, kayaking and you can even swim afterwards, all for 100 Quetzales (about 13 USD).

Grampsy, Audrey and Lorelei ready to zipline

Lorelei and Rachel ziplining Lorelei with her friend Rachel.

Lo and Grampsy horseback riding Grampsy went horseback riding with the girls too!

Its been fun having so many friends around! Having a good group of friends comes in cycles for us. We’re definitely on a high right now.

all of the kids ziplining

boat chicken We made some new friends who have boat chickens!

As if all the partying we’ve done with Grampsy weren’t enough celebration, we had a fun party with friends too.

Audrey with her cake Audrey with her homemade cake.

family birthday dinner at Dreamcatcher Out for a family birthday dinner at our favorite fancy place on the river, Dreamcatcher.

Lorelei sad that Grampsy is leaving This picture summarizes how Lorelei feels about Grampsy leaving.

We had been in the Rio off and on for almost 10 months. It was time to move North, unless we planned to spend another hurricane season here. Which is actually VERY tempting. It was really feeling like home.

There is a lot of work to do getting ready for a big passage! …and there is always something that pops up unexpectedly.

Audrey up the mast Audrey reaving a halyard.

scrubbing the dinghy Scrubbing the dinghy before we hoist her onto the aft cabin roof.

leaky exhaust that kept us in Tijax for an extra week A leaky exhaust pipe kept us parked in our comfortable slip at Tijax one more week than planned.

Saying goodbye to all of our friends is so hard. Especially since we had already done it once before back in November! We will really miss this place and all of the wonderful people we have met!

Lorelei and Rachel with grass crowns Lorelei and Rachel saying their goodbyes.

Audrey with new baby kittens Audrey having a farewell with the kittens.

sunset over RD Sunset over Rio Dulce

It was a 3 day passage from Livingston, Guatemala to Isla Mujeres Mexico. The first day we really beat into it, making it SUPER bumpy. After that it was like glass! We even baked cookies.

contemplating the ocean

Audrey playing Ukulele on passage

We pulled into Isla Mujeres and right next to a kid boat! Funnily, it was a family that we had never met, but had been following their blog since before we started our own sailing/traveling adventure. They were very inspiring to us then.

In the Golfcart with Ali Heading out with the Bumfuzzle crew.

Kids on the boat boat kids

It was a Rio Dulce reunion in Isla Mujeres! We met up with our friends from Wiwoka and Rothim. We had really been missing our ‘home away from home’ that Guatemala had become, so this made the transition much easier.

Zoe, Morgan and Audrey in Isla Playing at Casa De Los Suenos with Rothim, Wiwoka and Bumfuzzle.

celebrating Purim Celebrating Purim aboard Rothim

ukulele jam on Rothim Ukulele jam

Golfcart with Bumfuzzle and Rothim Ali’s golfcart was a fun way to get around!

Audrey on cruiser's net When we were in Isla Mujeres last spring, Audrey was a regular on the local cruiser’s Net, so it was really fun when she was asked back for a guest appearance. Thanks Aeon!

Ali taking pic from the dock Saying goodbye to our new friends. The lengths moms go to for a good shot!

me cold Another 3 days and we are back in Florida! Florida was a little chillier then I’m used to. We haven’t had to put on coats in a long time!