This is us. We are in Chicago for now. Long story.

We bought the first Lark, an Ericson 36C in Ft. Pierce. We spent 2 years aboard her doing boat-work, and cruising the east coast of Florida, the Keys, and the northern Bahamas. The girls got a little big for the Ericson and we really wanted to have the space to host family and friends staying aboard, so we bought the second Lark, our precious Amel Maramu, in St. Martin in April of 2017. Hurricane Irma was not kind to Lark, though she was not as unkind as she was to most other boats in St. Martin. We evacuated from St. Martin to Grampsy’s house in Chicago, where we are trying to figure out our next steps.

Our adventures have taken us from Deadhorse to Moose Factory, from Caniapiscau to Kodiak, from James Bay to the Yucatan, and from Whitehorse to Spanish Wells, to Sint Maarten. Now we aspire to sail slowly around the world with our little family.

Jacob grew up sailing with his family in Florida. He is a software engineer and a wild-eyed voluntaryist. April had never sailed herself until we bought Lark. She is a professional mom, and a part-time psychotherapist. Our kids are Audrey and Lorelei. Audrey loves swimming, skiing, reading, and any type of crafting. Lorelei loves playing dress up, swimming and painting. We are all really excited to do more and more sailing. Soon!

There’s a great book, Sell up and Sail. Well, we’ve sold up and are sailing! As Bill and Laurel put it, we are ready to, “abandon brick walls and gardens, property taxes, and interference from authorities who continually tried to order what we might or might not do.”

“Have we not, some people ask, merely exchanged one set of problems for another? Yes, in a sense. We have exchanged the insoluble problems of politics, the fast pace of modern life, the battles with bureaucracy, the appaling proliferation of paper which push one to the edge of madness, for problems of wind and wave and how and where to go next.”

The plan, generally, is to sell our house (done), cut our expenses, pay off our debt, buy our boat (again?), and go. Go where? Everywhere! What does that look like in detail? We are not sure – we’re making it up as we go.