With our lifestyle we normally don’t even have a chance to participate in the type of organized activities available to homeschool kids. But it seems like every summer we are stationary long enough to fit in some summer camps. I think it makes for a good change for the girls. They always look forward to picking out which activities they want to participate in, and conversely, I think it makes them appreciate going back to our footloose and fancy free lifestyle of very few obligations. It’s always fun while it lasts, but everyone gets sick of getting up early, packing lunches and having to be out of the door with hair combed and shoes on before we normally even eat breakfast.

sunrise Catching Sunrise on the way to camp. Definitely up WAY earlier then we are used to!

This year both girls joined in on a week of sailing camp while we were still in St. Martin. Then in Melbourne Audrey did Art camp, sewing lessons, critter camp and chef camp. Lorelei did art camp, science (magician) camp, and critter camp.

Sailing Camp The girls in Sailing Camp in St. Martin

Audrey Critter Camp Critter Camp

Loey Critter Camp

loey the magician Lorelei the Magician, ready for science camp!

Lily and Lorelei at Science Camp Making friends at camp

Audrey's baking creations Audrey’s baking creations from Chef camp.

Audrey at graduation Audrey graduating from the Kids Cullinary Academy.

Audrey with her Mermaid Tail

Audrey with her hand sewn swimable mermaid tail.

Audrey in her big woods dress

In the dress she designed and sewed in class. It is inspired by her favorite book, Little House in the Big Woods.

Later this week we are going to fly to Chicago, and the girls will be reunited with their buddies from horse camp, La and Haley! They can’t wait!