We had a big milestone on the boat… our first sleepover! We invited our friends from Invincible over to have dinner, and sleep over. They have 3 kids aboard, although they are from a family with 7 kids, so they are definitely used to a full house, er, boat. I think that is why it was so easy to have them. Not only are they used to living aboard, but they are used to living in a small space with lots of people and wouldn’t be put out by it. It was pretty novel for our kids though, to be able to have 3 friends sleep on the boat with them.

Our night included: Audrey’s favorite dinner, a karaoke dance party, cookies, and a movie. The girls made up the salon like a giant bed, and everyone settled in for Beauty and the Beast. The only thing that felt too small, was watching the movie on a little iPad, so we are seriously thinking about investing in a portable projector.



movie time Movie Time

There were a few mishaps. Even though Jacob emptied the port-o-potty at 5p, just before everyone arrived, by 3a it was overflowing everywhere, and Jacob and I had a super gross mess. Normally, on boat toilets, the more water the better, but that is not the case with port-o-potties!

A good time was had by all, and it has given us a lot of confidence about having guests visit! We had some room to spare! You know you’ve had a good sleepover when everyone is practically begging for bed by 7p!

Audrey and Bella Audrey and Bella the morning after

Audrey and Connor Audrey and Connor the morning after