With the possiblity of living on the hard (in the yard) on the boat for an extended amount of time, we have been thinking a lot about toilets!

The yard is not like the marinas that we have stayed in in the past. It does have bathrooms, but they are quite primitive. I think someone called their most sophisticated stall a Turkish toilet. It basically has two foot prints that you stand on, squat over, and the waste goes down a hole in the ground. Afterwards you do flush…but stand back because the water comes out with such gusto that everything is sprayed around the stall before it is deposited down the hole.

Turkish toilet Lorelei demonstrating proper form for the Turkish toilet.

So why not just potty on our new boat? It does have two well-functioning heads, but it does not have a holding tank. That means that anything you flush down the toilet goes straight to the ground under the boat. We have seriously been considering installing composting heads. That way if we ever took the boat back to the US we wouldn’t be in any trouble.

One more issue…even if we can all come to terms with the Turkish toilet, our boat is 12’ off of the ground right now. Making going to the bathroom a large production. We have been looking at port-o-potties for the boat while we are on the hard. Thankfully they are fairly small and inexpensive, so that might be a real option for us.

port-o-potty port-o-potties

ladder up The ladder up to our boat

Wish us luck!