We had some friends from Nederland sail in via the ICW on Sunday night and they brought with them some more friends they had made along the way. We have been having a wonderful party all week, with five kids running around and big dinners in the pavilion every night. It has been nice to reminisce about Nederland and the wonderful community there. It has also been so inspiring for us to want to get going sooner rather than later! They are working on their boats, provisioning and waiting for a weather window to the Bahamas, and we wish we could go too! It’s all very exciting! 

One real highlight for me, beyond feeling connected to like-minded friends and having a blast, is hearing how similar all of our struggles with boat life are. It is nice to realize that everyone has the same issues we do with minuscules freezers, and occasionally damp walls, etc... It actually makes me like our little boat a lot more, and it helped me focus on its positive attributes!

Our friend Ava from Whisper and from Nederland playing Ukulele with the girls. 

playing at the pool

making friends with Lisa from sv Piper
night fishing with her new buddy Finn
The kids table
The grown up table
these guys can party! 
Finn doing tours on his kayak

The girls with Mackie from Piper