We were at the Vero Beach City Marina last weekend. We headed out Friday morning at 6:30 a.m. and made it there by 8:30 a.m.  We flew the jib and ran the engine the whole way, briefly making over 8 knots.

This is a picturesque little spot with great restaurants and a free bus around town.

Mom and Dad and Cap'n Jack and Gloria came to watch Vero's boat parade with us from our slip.

We did learn a hard lesson about current in marinas, as the cockpit canvas attests.  Oh well, some lessons you just learn the hard way.  Most of them, in my experience...

Leaving Fort Pierce at sunrise. 

breakfast in transit

checking out the Vero Beach Marina


Waiting for the free bus to the beach. 

The trees in the marina where gorgeous! Full of ferns, and spanish moss. 

ice cream at the beach

The trip back was really nice! We managed to put up the jib and the main sail and turn off the engine for a while. Although we maxed out at 5 miles per hour with just a little breeze, it was so peaceful with the engine off, and we had a picnic in the cockpit. We docked perfectly, and considered it all a great success!


Lorelei and Sweet Pea on the trip home.

Lark with her sails up. Photo by Captain Jack.