I feel a little ridiculous admitting that there are still parts of this boat I haven't looked at and that there's still stuff on her I haven't found,  but that is in fact the case.  Anyway, they say confession is good for the soul, so I will now confess to all the stuff I just found in this afternoon's spelunking expedition in the port cockpit seat locker:

I found a like-new two-blade prop.  I found a dinghy tow line.  I found a beefy stainless boarding ladder with teak steps.  I found a large block-and-tackle rig.  I found the original windlass handle. I found a 14.5 gallon soft fuel tank plumbed into yet a third fuel tank and the deck fill marked "Waste."  I found a big Danforth anchor.  Finally, I found this fascinating objet d'art:

So ridiculous or not, I'm very pleased with today's crop of stuff I didn't even know I owned.