Audrey started sailing camp today. It got off to a bit of a rough start, with forgetting her life jacket on Lark, so Jacob had to run for it. Then Audrey was feeling a little anxious about being there. She is the youngest kid in the program this week, and she and I haven't really been apart since leaving Colorado. At one point she asked me not to leave, and it was really hard for me to convince her I had to. I was missing her too, and drove by three times before pick-up today.

She ended up having a great time! The instructor said she was a little timid about being in her little boat alone, but felt she could do it. The only snafu that I saw was that she didn't realize she was supposed to have the provided lunch and thought I packed her one. I had only packed her an apple and a granola bar though, so she didn't have much to eat, and was shaky and starving when I went to pick her up.

At dinner we asked for a complete play-by-play, and it seems like she really learned a lot! She told us about a bunch of of boating terminology she had learned: dagger board, stern, mast, rudder, bow, sheet, bowline, square knot. Some it was over my head,  I don't even know what a dagger board is! She also said it was a little scary sailing by herself, but when the Captain tried to get in the boat took on water because he was too heavy, so she was glad to be alone again. I guess she ran into a few buoys on her own, but I'm sure that is part of the process! I think I want to use someone else's boat too when I'm learning! I'd hate to run Lark into anything.

4 more days of camp for Miss Audrey. They say by the end they will be solo sailing to some nearby islands!

Audrey had some homework for tomorrow. She was supposed to look up the marine weather, and report in to the Captain.
She was so excited to do her homework, and instead of just remembering it, or taking a few notes, she wanted to write the whole thing out. I think she misses school!