We got most of the remaining launch prerequisites done this weekend: We got the last 2 zincs installed on the pintle and gudgeon.  We checked the fuel and oil levels and found both sufficient.  We performed a successful radio check.  We got life jackets in the girls' sizes.  We found 2 fenders and numerous docklines.  We replaced the starter battery, the jettisoning of which led to the discovery of a sweet little triple block and tackle rig in the starboard lazarette, and provided the reason I'd been looking for deploy the crane on the wind turbine post.  Speaking of which, Dad was able to coax the turbine into spinning nicely by manually turning it into the breeze.  So maybe some nice lube for that vertical axis will be all it needs.  And finally, Fandango officially became Lark!

On to launch on Saturday!

The biggest remaining question, which I'm sure we'll solve, is whether or not we need to bleed the air from the fuel system after I drained the fuel from the sediment bowl of the Racor.

Happy news for a Saturday morning launch from Riverside, north of the causeway north of the inlet-- low tide at 0639 and high at 1235 will mean that we won't have to fight the ebb to stay clear of the bascule's 26 foot clearance awaiting an opening on our first outing.

trying on every kid life jacket in the store