So we'll try to launch a week from Thursday.  Before that we'll finish reinstalling zincs; replace the starter battery; get Lark on the transom; get the diesel guy lined up; answer the bilge pump question (there are supposed to be 2, but where?); and complete a radio check.

The internet access issue for work has worked out better than I could have imagined.

The Verizon Jetpack has proven a nearly certain fallback in the absence of other options.  It gets a 4G LTE signal anywhere.  It just has the restrictive usage limits and expensive overage charges.  But when other options aren't working out and it's critical to prove that technology and infrastructure will not impede work progress, it's great to know that it's there as a fallback.

Meanwhile, Xfinity Wifi is all over the place, provides very reasonable bandwidth, and at no additional cost with my existing Comcast Business plan.  There's a locator map to find hotpots but I've discovered that there are also many more hotspots that aren't on the map.

So that's been great, and now, good night.