Watch out for sand spurs!
part 1
After getting into Florida we got into Pensacola which is a part of Florida. Then we got into Apalachicola. We stayed there for a few nights and went to the beach there, where I made a friend named Finley. 
That looks busy.

Lorelei is having fun at the beach
part 2

We spent a week in Melbourne and that's where I wrote my first blog. That's where we went to the beach with my cousins and had diner with my grandparents a lot. Then we were in Fort Pierce and that's where we are now and that's where our boat is.

Cuddles with Daddy and Papa.

GranMiri and Papa have a boat too.

It's pretty in Florida when the sun goes down.

I like writing blogs.

fun with cousins and siblings
Look at the floating lanterns!
Pretending to sail on Lark.

I like jumping up and down and sliding so fast.
And my sister does too.
Towel dresses when our clothes got wet.

My sister loves trying out her bunk.

Have you ever dreamt of being in florida?

I love Florida
Does my Mom's food look yummy?
Sisters watching a movie.  
Look at the lizard.