So we got rid of some more stuff.  I don't feel like we're on a trajectory to be out cleanly by Wednesday, but I guess we'll be out one way or another, if not cleanly then otherwise.  There will definitely be a cleaning bill from the complex if not a waste removal bill.  What do you do?

April and I were talking about the similarities and differences between this move and our last move:

Our last move was emotional because we left the house we loved in the town we loved, where we'd first brought our daughters home, etc.  In this move we're leaving an apartment we have no attachment to, but we're moving 2000 miles away from friends who last time were still within about 45 minutes.

Our last move was stressful as we struggled to move a whole bunch of disorganized and poorly packed stuff while scrambling to find other movers to replace the ones who fell through on the day-of.  This move will be easy from the standpoint of physical loading and unloading, but only because we've been front-loading the stress of getting rid of most of our stuff for months now.

I am challenging myself to remain focused on the bigger picture here and to keep my sense of humor.  After all, we've always seen this journey as the means and the end.  So, stressful, yes, but let me remember that this is exactly where I hoped we'd be.

We officially close on Lark tomorrow, though she'll remain incognito as Fandango for a bit longer.  Hailing port:  Nederland, Colorado.