All of our possessions are now on the road. We loaded the truck this evening and everything we own is on its way to Florida. We are moving out of this apartment tomorrow, and then we will follow it.

everything we own
Our load isn't quite as small as the Shultes', but I'm pretty proud of us. Our stuff used to fill, to almost over-flowing, 2700 square feet, and now look at it! It is liberating and I feel very unencumbered! I'm sure we will have to reduce even more, as the boat has very limited storage space. I see lots more donating of kids' clothes in my near future. That was the most difficult thing for me to part with, and unfortunately I caved to my sentimentality, and I packed a giant box full of winter clothes for the girls, which we will probably not be needing.

We are planning a pretty fun road-trip to Florida, so we will keep you posted.