So we finally settled on Seahorse Beach Bungalow for our first couple months in Ft. Pierce.  It's super small and 6 minutes from the marina.

I signed up for a virtual address with St. Brendan's Isle.  Hopefully it will be our last address.  You may send my mail to Green Cove Springs from now on.   

Funny story about that. We had to fill out a form for the USPS so that SBI is authorized to receive mail as our agent, and the form has a blank to fill in your "real" mailing address.  But the whole point of the thing is that you don't really have a fixed address, right?  So SBI sends an instruction sheet along with the form saying that they've gotten that question many times and in turn asked it of the USPS and the answer they've gotten, verbatim, is this: "The make, model, color, license plate number and state of registration of the motor home or boat would identify the place of residence."

So our real USPS mailing address is "Blue 1976 Ericson 36C."

We've been so entangled in logistics that we are well behind on clearing out stuff.  We'll really have to buckle down for our last weekend.

4 days until closing, 6 days left on our lease, 8 days left in CO.

finding time for a little fun in all of our packing madness