We started April with some pretty routine marina life: enjoying the free, easy laundry; using the marina bikes; the marina lounge with its free air conditioning and great wifi; and meeting new friends.

Lo helping with Laundry my laundry helper dying eggs dying easter eggs in the boaters lounge Audrey dying her eggs Tshirts with marina kids making fun t-shirts with our new friends Audrey's map of BLM A map of the marina by Audrey

We had a wonderful, if WAY TOO brief, visit from some old friends. The Take Two crew stopped by for dinner as they were passing through our neighborhood, on the way back to their boat in the Florida Keys. We haven’t seen them since our hurricane season together in Rio Dulce, Guatemala three years ago. Before that, they were our first kid boat friends! They were living aboard their Catamaran with their 5 kids in Ft. Pierce, Florida when we bought Lark the 1st. They were mentors to us when everything from boat life to homeschooling was brand new. I miss them already…I can’t wait for our paths to cross again.

Lo and Rachel Collage Rachel and Lorelei at 4 and again at 10 Take Two Kids The Take Two crew Tanya and I Me and my friend Tanya

Big News! We finally moved Lark from her berth at Brunswick Landing Marina to St. Marys Boat Services. It was only a one day sail, but we really enjoyed ourselves. It was wonderful to be back out on the water again!

Audrey on the bow to st. marys At anchor next to Cumberland Island.

We celebrated our birthdays with a fun lunch and stroll around Fernandina Beach, in North Florida. Then the girls went with me to the Oatland Wildlife Refuge, outside of Savannah, in hopes that we would finally see an armadillo. I have been on a mission to see one, after not seeing them on Cumberland Island where they are supposed to be plentiful. Unfortunately, I was foiled again. The resident armadillo at the refuge was sleeping deep in his burrow while we were there. We did have a beautiful walk and were able to see some other amazing birds and animals that had been rescued.

Lo in Fernandina Fernandina Beach goofing in Fernandina

Oatland Wildlife Refuge: Caterpillar at Oatland Wolves at Oatland Amazing Gray Wolves Tortoise at Oatland Armadillo at night I finally saw an armadillo!

Birthday selfie Birthday selfie birthday family selfie

We are enjoying being back in St. Marys even if living in the boatyard is NOT my cup of tea…think port-potty, and lots of no-see-ums. We spent most of the month of January here, and it feels very comfortable and familiar to be back. While Lark is here, we hope to give her a bottom job, and maybe even a bit of a galley re-fit.

Lark hauled Lark hauled out. The last time was in Rio Dulce, Guatemala 3 years ago. Lark with a ladder This is a nice yard, as far as boat yards go. They even gave us a ladder. Downtown St. Marys playing downtown St. Marys DT St Marys 2 Jacob on the waterfront with a crane Audrey up a tree

baby geese It’s spring! Check out all the babies! Audrey's Gosling NJ Gosling Nature Journal by Audrey

lizard observations Observing a boatyard lizard. Don’t worry, he was released shortly after this photo was taken.

Wings of fire bookclub party We read Wings of Fire with Brave Writer this month, and had a great Zoom party with our homeschool friends in Illinois. This book has also inspired a TON of dragony art. Los Dragon eggs Dragon eggs by Lorelei Los color pencil Glory Glory in Watercolor by Lorelei Los Kincachu Kinkachu by Lorelei Audreys Clay Clay by Audrey Audrey's dragon eggs Dragon eggs by Audrey Los dragon painting Watercolor dragons by Lorelei

Family gallery for the month: Los bunny Easter bunny by Lorelei April's bunny Easter bunny by April Carpenter bee NJ Carpenter bees by Lorelei Audrey's dragon castle painting by Audrey body mandalas Mandalas on paper and on her sister by Audrey Los pelican NJ Pelican Nature Journal by Lorelei April's magnolia tree Magnolias by April Audrey's Magnolia tree Magnolias by Audrey Los vanilla flower VAnilla flower by Lorelei Audrey's painting of Lark Lark by Audrey Audrey coral 1 Coral by Audrey Aprils coral Coral by April Los coral Coral by Lorelei Los fox Fox by Lorelei Los Erik the Red poster Erik the Red poster by Lorelei Los Vulture NJ Vulture Nature Journal by Lorelei Los Ogden Nash Vulture poem redo