Jacob and I officially have a bright, silly, creative, beautiful TEENAGER! We were not surrounded with lots of kids this year to invite to a birthday party, but some of Audrey’s grandparents really helped us make it feel special!

birthday morning She requested an Apple Pancake, my mom’s recipe, for birthday breakfast!

Grampsy flew in to celebrate birthday week.

Grampsy with Girls sitting

Grampsy with Girls standing

outside mini golf We took Audrey mini-golfing before our annual hibachi feast.

Audrey playing minigolf

Grampsy and Audrey at minigolf

We rented a fun house with a pool and a game room in Orlando for the occasion!

Audrey with frozen drinks

GranMiri and Papa drove down too!

Audrey with her grandpas

…and Aunt Amy even stopped by with a yummy breakfast.

Having the fancy house meant we didn’t need to go out to find our fun. We did take a great trip to Kelly Park - Rock Springs. They had been closed all winter and we lucked out with them opening again in time for us to visit before we headed north again. It really is one of the coolest places I have visited in Florida!

walking at the natural spring

girls at Kelly Springs

floating down the spring

Audrey in the spring

Alligator sign at Kelly Spring

Grampsy and Lo floating

Audrey floating

Heading back to our boat in Georgia, we discoved the beautiful Apopka Wildlife Drive. blue heron There were so many birds! It was a bird watcher’s dream

egret flying

gator in the lilypads Also, a ton of gators

Lo pointing at the gator We decided to do the drive with the mini-van’s doors open so it would feel more like a real safari. It made driving past the aligators pretty exciting!

Cormorant NJ Lorelei Lorelei’s Cormorant Nature Journal

Alligator NJ Audrey Audrey’s Alligator Nature Journal

The orange groves were in full bloom. I wish I could somehow share the beautiful smell of orange blossoms filling the air here on the blog.

orange groves

Orange Tree NJ Audrey Audrey’s Orange Tree Nature Journal

Jacob and the girls A fun stop in Jacksonville on our way back.

Lo kissing Audrey

St. Simons craft fair St. Simons craft market.

Audrey has decided that she LOVES St. Patrick’s Day, because it is the day she was originally due on, so we really tried to do it up. We made shamrock quesadillas, watched an Irish movie (Legend of Kells), and went out for Irish food and live music at night.

Lo with shamrock quesadilla

turtles on a log Hiking through one of the state parks near our boat. We spotted lots of turtles.

The girls and I decided to take a field trip to Savannah to see the beautiful Forsyth park and do a little plein air art. We also treated ourselves to a tea party.

tea in Savannah

Lorelei with Hyacinths

Forsyth Park fountain the fountain in Forsyth Park

plein air painting plein air painting party

streets of Savannah wandering the gorgeous streets of old town Savannah

Back in Brunswick we had a manatee stop by the boat. I don’t care how many times you see them, like dolphins or whales… it never gets old.

Manatee in the marina

Manatee swimming away

Manatee NJ Audrey Audrey’s Manatee Nature Journal

Here is our family art gallery for the month: Audrey's Feathers by Audrey

Profile - Lorelei by Lorelei

Cat Lorelei by Lorelei

Hot Air Balloon Lorelei Hot Air Balloon by Lorelei

Angel Lorelei Angel by Lorelei

Whale Boat painting Audrey by Audrey

Fox and Cherry Blossoms Audrey by Audrey

Bird Cherry Blossoms April by April

Portrait Lorelei by Lorelei

Lorelei Cherry Blossoms by Lorelei

Salt Marshes Lorelei by Lorelei

Hyacinth April by April

Artist Self portrait April by April

spanish moss hair April by April

dear in wildflowers April by April

Portrait of Audrey by April by April …my attempt at a portrait of Audrey

Cordelia NJ Lorelei Lorelei’s Nature Journal of Cordelia, GranMiri and Papa’s new kitty.