I thought I could get away with leaving this knife out overnight to wash in the morning. ant fiesta

This cacterpillar had no sympathy for me. cacterpillar

I think Lark’s really starting to look great, don’t you? project boat

I’m glad they got rid of that pesky wheel. Now we can finally get some use out of the emergency tiller! no wheel

A trip into town on public transit requires some athletic prowess. public transit

I didn’t realize until I stepped into this place how badly I needed 50 pounds of sunflower seeds. sacks

But I had been giving some thought to a new dinghy painter, and for some reason they kept it on the same aisle. line

Yes, we are in Guatemala. license

Welcome to the despensa. despensa

Lark is right down the block. lark at the end of the block

I stopped for dinner at Sun Dog’s Pizza, but this guy seemed to think it should be called something else. butt lick

I swear, the dog untied your dinghy! the dog untied your dinghy

The fellas from the Chimichanga came for pizza too. chimichanga

And then the nightly monsoon arrived. It’s a good way to make a simple lancha ride a little more exciting. standard nighttime weather

I went over to Tijax to see the game this morning.
jungle path

I saw two good things and four bad things happen. world cup final in the jungle

A momma frog was pretty happy with the outcome. frog eggs on the quay

The guys who work on Lark come in this cayuco. tijax canoe

The time had finally come for a new painter. i, i, i just snapped

Now I don’t even have to row. the willie's tijax ferry