We have decided to head back to Chicago for a brief stint while we work to find our next home.

Although we have all really enjoyed the great land tour of 2016/17, all 4,487 miles of it, I think we are ready for some roots again, or keel in our case. The wandering suits us, but the constant packing and unpacking does not. Plus a little warm weather and sand between our toes seems in order.

map of roadtrip

We have decided to (at least temporarily) pass on the boat we were under contract with in Florida. It was a nice boat, with a few projects, but that is to be expected. While we think about if that is really the boat we want, Jacob and I are going to jet off to the French Caribbean to look at another Amel.

Seattle Amel

Audrey at the helm of the first Amel we saw in Seattle

The girls are going to stay with Grampsy while we are away, and then we will stay in Chicago to celebrate Audrey’s (9th!) birthday.

Since our last update we spent a month in Blaine, Washington, and a month in Comox, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Blaine was a beautiful location. Our unit was right on the beach in Birch Bay. We did lots of beach hikes and had a very relaxing Christmas by the sea.

Christmas with Grampsy in Blaine

Christmas with Grampsy in Blaine

beach hike in Blaine

Hiking in Blaine

Comox was a great airbnb! It was definitely the prettiest we have been in, and Comox had a very nice homeschool community. We were able to make some friends, participate in a class or two, and hit the ski hill multiple times.

Hiking in Comox

Hiking in Comox


Sealions outside of Comox


Beautiful Comox

Trees of Life

Making Trees of Life in Comox with her new friend

Mt. Washington

Skiing Mt. Washington

We’re wrapping up our West Coast adventures this week in Seattle. We’ll put our good old Xterra on a truck Wednesday and we will fly to Chicago to meet it this weekend, rather than spend the two to three weeks driving back on weekends.

Alki Beach

Exploring Alki Beach in Seattle