We have been so vague about our plans, because we don’t really know ourselves. As we have posted, we are attempting to sell Lark, and hoping to find a Lark 2.0 to continue our sailing journey. While the boat is on the market, we have decided to do a few things that we have not had the opportunity to do while sailing through one tropical paradise after another. 

So far, we have driven through the Great Smokey Mountains to Chicago, and spent a couple of months there with friends and family. After Chicago, we drove to Boulder to spend some time with more friends and family. It was a short trip, but we had to rush off to our next stop in order for Jacob to get settled in before starting a new job. He works remotely, but needs to make sure the internet is up to snuff, and if it isn’t he has to straighten it out with time to spare.


Spending time with our cousins

Audrey with Haley

Lorelei with La

The girls spent lots of time learning to ride horses and bonding with their two favorites, La and Hailey, while we where in Chicago!


We also spent alot of time really enjoying all of the bike trails in my dad’s area!

Audrey at Pow Wow

Feild trip to the Great Chicago Pow Wow

Lorelei's birthday

We decided to celebrate Lorelei’s birthday in Chicago while we had lots of friends and family around.

Halloween in Chicago

Trick-or-treating in Grampsy’s neighborhood.

Watching the World Series with Uncle Paul

We even got to watch the Cubs win the World Series while we were in Chicago and hanging out with Uncle Paul, the biggest Cubs fan we know!

Field Museum with Grampsy

Field trip to the Field Museum (pun intended) with Grampsy.

Audrey smelling Colorado

Smelling Colorado again after a couple of years away.

girls in Boulder


We love cousin Zach!

We’ve spent 5 weeks now in Fernie, British Columbia, hitting the road again this weekend. It has been a great stay! We are definitely experiencing winter here!

sheep in Montana

Jackson Hole

Road-tripping to Fernie.

Fairy Creek

Winter hiking in Fernie.

Marching in the Lantern Festival

Immersing ourselves in the community we marched in Fernie’s lantern festival.

Lussier Hotsprings

Lussier hotsprings, British Columbia.

Fernie museum

Kaya and Audrey exploring the Fernie museum. They had lots of exhibits on coal mining and early pioneer life.

Audrey skiing

The ski hill opened and everyone is loving it! It is an amazing hill! We have had some of the best powder days ever, and it is early season! We are just sorry we can’t stay longer to enjoy it more!

We have been mostly using Airbnb.com to organize our travels, and have a couple of months in the future booked. At this point we are booked for Blaine, Washington and Comox, British Columbia, taking us through the end of February. Hopefully both stops will involve both boat shopping and lots of skiing.

Jacob at Fernie ski resort

So, that’s what we have been up to, and as much of our plan as we know at this point. We’ll keep you posted!