It’s our last night for a while on the boat, and maybe forever. Tomorrow we move into a condo in order to empty out the boat and get it ready to put on the market. We have been talking about this latest transition with the girls for a while now, and at times they are excited, but when we told them this was the last night, they were both pretty sad. They decided they didn’t need their own space as long as they could keep Larky.

(feeling sentimental, hugging Chiquita good night)

We have decided that we would like a bigger boat. The girls are starting to really look like they are growing out of their v-berth, and after our time in the Bahamas, I would love a shower and a better galley to really make living at anchor more fun.

We have already started to make a list of some boats that would meet our requirements, and we have even looked at a few larger, 3 cabin boats. More details on selling Lark and buying Lark 2.0 coming soon.

(enjoying the marina life with good friends)