I was a little worried that Halloween would be a little bit of a let down this year not being in Colorado where we knew about all of the events, and always had friends to trick or treat with, but it was not at all!

Last weekend we went up to Melbourne to Boo at the Zoo with our cousins. We all had a blast! The most talked about part was the train around the zoo that included a pirate encounter! Lorelei was pretty worried they were going to take all of her candy!

Our new friend Linda, two boats down, organized a marina wide trick-or-treat event for us on Halloween night! She had a list of boats for us to stop at and we hit the whole marina (I think she might have even supplied some of our stops with the candy!) Some people who weren't expecting us gave things like bags of chips, apples, grapes, and granola bars. My favorite was if Lorelei said trick-or-treat to someone that didn't have an offering she would give them one of her pieces of candy. We called it the 'reverse trick-or-treat'.  The girls got lots of attention, and that really made their night.

We finished up with a nice dinner at the marina restaurant where Audrey decided to sort all of her candy while we waited for our food.

This princess needed a lift home.