I've been doing a lot of leak repair.  Two of the three main leaks are into bunks, which is simply intolerable.  The third is the mast boot which is slightly less immediate of an issue.  

I've been agonizing over whether I did the right thing when I spread 5200 over a long crack in the skin of the deck just after a downpour.  I had been hoping to do it after a bit of a dry spell, but none had been forthcoming and in the meantime the darn thing gets another soaking 2 or 3 times every day.  So I finally just did it.  

Did I seal in a bunch of water which will now destroy the rest of the deck coring?
Maybe so, but I don't know that there was any better option available to me.  Well, we'll see.  Maybe it'll be a good DIY project to tear it up and replace the core in couple months if things get a little drier