We had another great lesson today with Captain Jack.  The breeze was up and it looked like weather  might be moving in so we decided to take the opportunity to stick close to the dock and do get some practice with boat handling in the breeze.  We're starting to feel like we can actually take our own boat out now, given calm conditions, so me we'll try that one of these mornings.

That darn leak into our bunk was not fixed yet, so said an inch of water in the bucket under it, so I headed back over to Lark this afternoon with my tube of 5200 and an iron resolve.  I'm pretty sure I found the culprit this time by mean of precision hose work, and that screw got the gooping of a lifetime.  So hopefully that will do for that one.  I do think the leak in the fo'c'sle is solved as that remained dry after a good dousing.