12 days ago we left Colorado. I was sad to leave where I was born and now I am going  to tell you about our big week road trip.                                                
I love playing with my sister she is so cute

this carousel is so pretty

this horse is pretty

my sister's funny


I love to walk on tires

part 1
Our  first plan was to go to go to Kansas. I was excited to see the sign that said  WELCOME TO KANSAS. Kansas is just farms. Our next plan was to get to Missouri. Missouri was beautiful. It was so beautiful. That's where we saw Rose Wilder's farm.

me in front of Laura's stove

part 2
Then we went to Arkansas and then Tennessee and then Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana. 
New Orleans was beautiful. We went swimming on the roof of a hotel and went out for beignets.



it's going to shoot you

 playing in the Mississippi

my mom is crazy. She takes  pictures of her food.


 part 3
Then we went back to Mississippi and then we went to Alabama and then we stopped in Pensacola, and then we were in Florida.


Florida is nice and it's hot.