Oh man, I almost forgot that we have a blog. 

Lark got her bottom painted today with some sweet $250/gallon Trinidad.  Looks good. Watch for pics. 

We still need to switch decals and update her FL registration in order to launch.

It's been tricky getting used to working from 10 until 7 and I've been having to stay light on my toes with the internet access.  I blew through 10G on my 5G/mo Mifi in the past two days (which was already at 7G for the mo).  This afternoon I discovered that I can get great connectivity to an Xfinity Wifi hotspot, but only sitting on the bathroom floor.  Who says telecommuting isn't awesome?

I did find an awesome tool called Little Snitch which helps you understand and manage which applications are generating network traffic

Well, we'll work out the kinks and get into a routine here shortly.  I think.