We had a nice leisurely day with nowhere to get to. Taking the day off will mean lots of driving tomorrow, because we would like to have dinner with GranMiri and Papa on Sunday night.

We went over to St. George Island, the local barrier island, to swim in the Gulf of Mexico. When we arrived there were dolphins jumping just off shore (unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough with my camera). The beach was beautiful with white sand and turquoise water, and not very cluttered with people. We all loved it!

Audrey is such a social kid. She played with us for a while, then went to find a playmate. She made friends with a fellow six-year-old from Tallahassee. She wasn't sure if the girl's name was Finley or Fiddley...I'm guessing Finley. Audrey's friendship made poor Lorelei feel very jealous! I caught her swimming after the poor girl with her floaty, making a low growl, and saying 'hey, that's my friend'.

After a day at the beach, we found a really cute restaurant on the Gulf with some yummy seafood. I had sea scallops and salad. Yum!

The karaoke at the bar next to our room was so rockin' that Jacob and I had trouble sleeping until well past midnight. Thankfully, the girls slept right through it.

The Apalachicola River Inn