We only drove about 160 miles today, which was very nice. We got a late start and still didn't feel like we were in a rush.

We drove along the coast taking in the sights.  There were alternating small towns, and high-rise beach resort blow-outs. We stopped for lunch in the center of Destin, Florida, which falls more into the high rise resort category. It was still a fun stop, even though it was almost impossible finding a place to park, and there were tons of people swarming around. It was great people and boat watching (we even saw a pirate ship) and we got to hear non-stop Jimmy Buffet music!

I find it so frustrating that Lorelei can't keep track of markers to save her life! I say use them one at a time and put them back in the zipper pouch when you're done, yet they are all scattered about the car within 5 minutes, caps off, drying out! You might think that crayons are the answer, but in this heat, a stray crayon left in the car turns into a waxy puddly mess quickly. I guess if that is the worst of my problems, I should consider myself lucky.

We had decided we would start looking for a place to sleep around 5p, and it took until almost 9p to find something that matched our expectations (quiet and close to the water with vacancies and takes dogs). It was worth the wait though. It is so cute that we decided to stay 2 nights, so we can take the day off tomorrow.

the view from our room, a view across the Apalachicola River