We spent our last days in Florida playing around Melbourne Beach, where GranMiri and Papa live, and hanging out at the beach.

The girls LOVED the beach! It was Lorelei's first time seeing the ocean and Audrey's 2nd, although she was only 14 months the first time. The water was a little chilly, so we started off just wading, but by the end Audrey was diving through the waves, oblivious of the cold. I think part of that had to do with her brave new 7-year-old friend Sarah who was also a little fish!

Lorelei really only got her feet wet. She wasn't a big fan of the waves, but she really loved helping Daddy and Papa make sand castles! Audrey also collected a ton of sea shells. She and Papa had a fun game of digging a big hole, putting her stash of shells in, marking the spot, and then having me dig them out. We saved a lot of her shells, and Papa drilled holes in them. Audrey made shell necklaces with them to give to her school friends. They turned out very beautifully.

We also got a chance to see our cousins, Melissa, Mark, Will and Jackson. It was extra special because it was Jackson's 3rd birthday. Audrey and Will seemed to have a lot in common and Audrey has been asking about when she can see him again since we left.
Hanging out on Papa's boat, Eumelia

Watching dolphins

Our dolphin sighting from the marina restaurant

Photo of Papa by Audrey

Playing on the beach

Getting her toes wet

Playing in the surf with GranMiri

Valentine's Day at the beach

Making a shell stash for me to find

A great blue heron

Take off!

Playing on GranMiri's sun porch

Little mermaids
Sweeping GranMiri's carport with a palm frond

Wearing the cute beach cover-ups GranMiri got them.

Will and Audrey at the beach.

Saying "goodbye" to Florida at the airport