- Read SotWV1 Ch 32 middle section on Qin Zhang.
- Answered review qsts.- narration and copywork

- Counted A's saved allowance.

- Did MCPB Lesson 22 and wrote new spelling cards.
- Did cards for 20 stars.

- WWE: 1, Week 16 day 4: Narration and Copywork on Aesop's fable "The Dog and His Reflection"

Science (with both girls)
- Read about Koalas in DK First Animal Encyclopedia.
- Narration and copywork

Library trip to get books on Koalas and next week's science topic-- panda bears.

Audrey finished painting the outside of her fairy house and read Poor Excuse for a Dragon during quiet time.

- Finished reading aloud to L "Moses the Kitten" from the James Herriot collection.
- Read aloud to the girls "The Heavenly Flutist" from Cloud Weavers: Ancient Chinese Legends.
- Read aloud to the girls a chapter from Little Town in the Ozarks.
- A read aloud chapter 3 of The Knight at Dawn.