My friend Paul was telling me a story about when he told some of his friends from Illinois about us and said, "you would think they were weird hippies or something, but they're not...they are pretty normal." I feel like this is the reaction we get a lot from people! Kinda like "Wow, but you look so normal!" After the prerequisite 20 questions (which we welcome) most people are very supportive, and excited for us, and hopefully will plan a visit to see us at some point. We have had our skeptics too...and either reaction is honestly fine with us. I take skepticism as a sign that we are cared for...but it isn't going to change our minds :). As an aside, for those skeptics out there, please stop talking to my dad! He is already freaked out enough!

The large number of varying reactions has really made me think about why this plan is the right choice for our family, because obviously it is not the right choice for many. I think first it just feels right. In the beginning when we started discussing it I felt excited. I will definitely miss many aspects of our current life and I feel like spending the last 7 years in Nederland has been perfect for us. It has been a wonderful place to have babies and here we have been constantly surrounded by supportive friends. Although I will miss my friends, I'm excited for our next chapter.

Jacob and I really fell in love having adventures. On our first date we stayed up until 2a.m. talking about all the adventures we had had, and the ones we were still hoping to have. I think it was one of the first things we bonded over, and great adventures still get us both worked up!

One other reaction has been one of excitement, but "shouldn't you wait and do it after the kids are out of the house, so they can go to school?" Our feeling is that having these adventures with our children will bond us with them in a new and special way. Also, it is so amazing to see new things through your children's eyes...even the zoo has taken on new wonder to me in the last 5 years, and I can't wait to see the world with them!

I will really miss seeing all of the wonderful friends I have made here regularly. I have moved many times in my life and I have lost friends in each move, but the friends I have kept are still incredibly special to me. Friends that are meant to be in your life, stay in your life! Take Paul, for example. Plus, I think the internet will help a little this time around.
my can almost see the double rainbow behind us

Audrey and I made these cupcakes for her friends

ready for dance class
Lorelei's 1st dance class

fun at the park with Daddy