Our 9th anniversary! We've been adventurers from the start. From Y Tu Mama Tambien and planning our first drive to AK on our first date; to our first long drive together, to Thunder Bay; to our surprise weekend in Cabo, en la Casa Mananitas, when we witnessed a solar eclipse sinking into the Pacific; to our drive and train trip to Moosonee and Moose Factory, when we hired a taxi to take us to the dump to see the bears; to our drive out to Caniapiscau, when we spent the night in an abandoned hunting lodge, and had Mom and Dad call the Mounties out to look for us when we were late returning; to our first drive to AK, when I proposed in the Yukon, and we saw wild herds of buffalo along the road in BC, more bears and eagles then we could count, herds of Musk oxen and Caribou on the tundra north of the Brooks Range, paid $5 for a gallon of gas before paying $5 was an everyday thing in the Lower 48, and waded in the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay; to our wedding in Tulum; to our return to AK to live in Girdwood, then Juneau, then Anchorage, with all the attendant Dahl sheep, beluga and humpback whales, moose, brown and black bears, orcas, spawning zombie salmon and aurora; to our move to Nederland. It's really just inevitable that we should cruise, isn't it?

moments after Jacob proposed on our way to Alaska in the Yukon Territory