We had Audrey's teacher/parent conferences tonight and I am such a proud mama! Her teacher talked about how smart, imaginative and kind she is. I guess at school she is known for taking younger kids under her wing, organizing imagination games, and being a big helper. The only thing to work on is her ability to focus, which I see at home too. She does get a little wound up quickly. We will be working hard on learning to take deep breaths and internal reminders of the task at hand. During the conference we discussed how outgoing Audrey is, and again it made me worry a little about the cruising lifestyle stifling that in her. I do think she will enjoy meeting new friends while at sea though, and I'm hopeful that we will meet other cruising families that she can have ongoing relationships with. 

Lorelei joined us for the conference too, and was able to play while we talked. She was so excited to be there! I can't believe that she is almost old enough for preschool! 

Lorelei and her buddy Michael in music class

 Nederland is again the very windy little town we know and love. Thankfully it has been warm and sunny the last few days so the wind is not as overwhelming as it can sometimes be. Jacob and I are fantasizing about the tropics lately! I will miss Nederland very much, but I am looking forward to a change!