Man, these little furry critters are going to drive me insane.  I guess I still have a hole to find.

Here's a random tidbit from Ian's book, apropos of nothing:  the last pension payment to a survivor of a veteran of the War Between the States was made in 1999 to a soldier's widow.  Doesn't that blow your mind?  134 years after the end of the war, productive individuals were expropriated under threat of mortal violence, in order that a woman should be paid for having married an elderly veteran.

Well, we're nearly done with The Capable Cruiser and will move on to The Cost-Conscious Cruiser next for some concrete ideas on finding the right old boat for us and developing strategies to sustain a low-income, low-budget cruising lifestyle.

Sometimes it all seems so incredibly far off that it's challenging to continue to push toward the goal, but we continue to take steps day-by-day.

Here are some cool old boats I've been eyeing.