Dinner with Matt and Whitney was great.  They were really great with the girls.  Whitney sat right down on the floor with them and did whatever crafty little thing Audrey brought her, and Lorelei wanted to sit in Matt's lap for dessert.  

They're gluten and dairy free so we had our first experience of an entire meal without either.  It really was pretty do-able.  April made salmon, quinoa, salad, and dressing of her own invention with olive oil, honey, mustard seeds, and whole orange all mixed up in the Ninja.  She wrapped it all up with gluten-free brownies and coconut milk ice cream.  

They provided lots of encouragement, knowledge and materials for homeschooling, and we're both feeling really excited about it.  All in all, it was a resounding success and a great visit.

I got the hardening treatment and wood filling done on the doors and windows.  It was 70 degrees today and will be down to 1 degree by Friday.  Yes, 1 degree.  So not a moment to spare.  Anyway, here's the product I'm using (though "rotted" seems like a strong word for the condition of my wood).  

Here's what it looks like when it goes on.
 And here's what it looks like dry.  

It's basically extra-drippy Elmer's glue.  

Good times!