Another welcome day off to make up for working the weekend a couple weeks back.  What a luxury.

I taped up  the windows and door, all ready for wood-hardener and then paint. Here's what it looks like now.

Lorelei, Sweetpea and I came across a couple moose in the gully on our walk this afternoon.  Lorelei was offering them sticks, but got no takers.  I guess they're not that much like Labrador Retrievers after all.

We sold the other nordic setup today and a CD shelf.  Woo hoo!

Amazon says our order has shipped, so we're looking forward to that eagerly.

And finally, after much rescheduling and postponing, our evening with Matt and Whitney, my homeschooling, technical trading, Rothbard-reading, an-cap pals is back on for tomorrow evening.  They are bringing us a bunch of home-schooling materials and knowledge from their many years of homeschooling their 16- and 18-year-old daughters.  

Good night.