Well, it's been a busy weekend.  We read the chapters from The Capable Cruiser on the Pardeys' experience outfitting their second boat and on sail care.  I definitely need to sit down with the book soon and make some notes.

Dad sorted out for me a number of the questions I'd noted earlier on mast-bend, running backstays, clubbed staysails, and the like.  Another sets of things to make notes on before I forget...

We sold a buffet that we inherited for, wait for it... $450.  And I don't even have to deliver it.  Woo-hoo.

I spent a couple hours compiling stats on various models of boats I've heard great things about to start to develop a sense for the significance of various measurements.  I need to finish that up and post it.

I have also completed the first two chapters in World Cruising Essentials on boat length and rigs and am halfway through the chapter on engines.  Next chapter is on gear -- autopilots, windvanes, etc.

I did some investigation into selling a bunch of our books online.  For most items, there's no way to beat the existing low price on Amazon and you still have to pay them to store the item while it sits around unpurchased.  I think the thing is to pick, say, 10 books of recent fiction and sell them as a lot on ebay for 25 bucks or something.

To cap it all off, we watched Captain Ron tonight.  Oh, I know it's no undying classic, but I really love that movie.

So, a pretty strong weekend for the boat project all around...