It seems like everywhere I turn I'm surrounded by inspirational quotes. Not only on the sailing blogs I read, which is to be expected, but from friends, in email, on walls. I don't know if everyone is feeling the need for a little extra inspiration these days or they have always been there and they are just really drawing my attention lately. Most of them seem to be revolving around not having regrets, or not putting off for tomorrow what you can do today, like this one on Windtraveler's website

I'm so excited about our dream, and feel like it is turning into so much more than a dream, as we start to make real steps toward making it happen. One of the things that makes it even more real for me is telling my friends and family about our plans. I have been mostly getting great feedback, and words of encouragement (my favorite is when people say they can't wait to visit us!). Occasionally though, I get very skeptical responses (are you sure you can live in such a small space with two kids?!), worried responses (what about pirates, and hurricanes?), and people who are really sad that we are doing this (I will never see you again, or my grandchildren wont know me if you do this). With these nay-sayers, I have found myself letting the guilt and worry sneak in. My Aunt Danielle gave me some great words of encouragement the other day, telling me to stay focused on my family and what was best for them. And thankfully words of encouragement are all around me just when I need them. So, keep the inspiration coming! 

Here is a recent favorite: 

The most dangerous risk of all - The risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later -Randy Komisar

Here are a few new pictures, just for the fun of it! 
Audrey's 1st day of Pre-K

Lorelei kept saying 'I see waterfall' 

taking a little hike by Boulder Creek

Moose mama with her twins at the bottom of our road

hiking back from preschool next to Barker Reservoir