Tonight we read the chapter from The Capable Cruiser on what happened in Cabo San Lucas on December 7, 1982, when something like 30 vessels were driven onto the beach and destroyed.  It was a pretty horrifying thing.

The next couple chapters will delve into what went wrong and what could have been done.  Just on the basis of this chapter, the lessons are:

  1. Always listen to the weather reports, even if you're not planning on going anywhere.
  2. Always watch your barometer.
  3. Choose a berth with plenty of room to swing without fouling adjacent vessels' berths.
  4. Be assertive in defending your berth from those who would anchor too close.
  5. Develop the seamanship and keep your boat prepared to leave any anchorage under sail.
  6. Refill on fuel as soon as you arrive.
  7. Use a fairlead that closes over the top of the chain or rode, so that it can't be yanked free and start doing damage to the pulpit if a rough swell develops at anchor.
  8. Wear a harness and clip in when working on deck in rough seas, even if it's at anchor.