I'm feeling a little bit stalled out today.  We had a couple sales fall through yesterday, so that's a bummer.  We did read the next chapter after the Cabo San Lucas thing, but it didn't really have any technical content.  It was mainly just an account of the Pardeys' encounter with Bernard Moitessier in Cabo a couple days after Joshua was destroyed on the beach.

I did a lot of "research" today though.  As in flipping through boat listings by the hundreds.  It's really a bad habit.  I think you can fantasize yourself right out of ever actually doing anything.  On the other hand I did do it a little more sytematically this time than I have previously, actually making some notes and stuff, so maybe that's legitimate research.

OK, we're going to crash and read the third chapter on Cabo San Lucas.  This one promises to be more technical.