We have finally finished our back to school shopping, which really just included shopping for Audrey and a couple of cute tops for me too. I went to the Shopping Extravaganza at the outlet malls in Castle Rock with some friends. It was really fun. The big challenge, with all of the amazing deals, don't buy too much! I had to remind myself that we are in the process of selling everything and I really don't need to add a dozen sweaters to my wardrobe, especially considering we will probably spend most of the 1st year or so in tropical weather.

As we were unpacking Audrey's cute new outfits, Jacob and I were discussing how to pack for our adventure in order to keep both quickly growing kiddos in clothes. Dressing Lorelei has started to get easier as she is now fitting into Audrey's old clothes well, but Audrey always seems to be sizing up, or wearing things out. Do we need to pack 3 or 4 years of sizes for each girl before we leave the states? I know they have clothes in other countries, but how handy will it be to have to buy a new wardrobe while out at sea? I will have to start reading some blogs of cruisers' with kids and looking for the answer.

On another note, my friend Emily and I took our girls to Mud Lake last week, and had such a great time! We picnicked and played at the lake. Here are some of the photos I took:

Emily launching the little boat she made
An unfortunate fall into the lake. I couldn't help taking a picture before she was dried.