I've struggled to find a spare moment to write, and I'm stealing these moments from sleep, but I'm committed to being accountable to the blog on our progress so here I am.  We actually have solid progress and significant developments to report.
  1. I have finally gotten to work on scraping, sanding, and repainting the windows.  It's pretty fun when you just make yourself do it.  And I got a new Dremel Multi-Watchamacallit for sanding in the corners.  From some other cruising blogs I've read, it's a good tool to have aboard too.
  2. I fixed that darn leaky faucet.
  3. We sold some more stuff.  We had gotten these Adirondack chairs at Ace like 3 years ago for 20 bucks apiece, and sold the pair for $65. April's a genius of online marketing.
  4. We received World Cruising Routes, which is really cool.
  5. We have been in contact with a couple realtors and are meeting with one on Saturday to discuss strategy.  It kind of blows my mind, and frankly gives me pause, to think that we could conceivably sell before ski season.  We'll just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep all options open for now.  One thing that worries me about waiting for spring is the fiscal cliff.  Mind you, I'm certain that it would be good for the economy, but I think it could crater the real estate market again for a couple years.
  6. My awesome Misesian an-cap pals, Matt and Whitney, (Boulder-based if you can believe it) who home-schooled their two girls for years, have offered to give us a big brain- and material-dump.
  7. We read the chapters on the milk run and atoll cruising in The Capable Cruiser.  Notes to follow someday soon.
  8. An old friend of April's put us in touch with a friend of his who's a couple years ahead of us on this path.  We look forward to picking Bryan's brain.
Blue Water Sailing School's Offshore Passagemaking class looks really cool.  If nothing else, I'm definitely getting all the books on their reading list.

Dad also pointed out Melbourne-based Seven Seas Cruising Association.  That looks really cool.  I'm looking for ward to taking some of their classes and webinars sometime soon.

Here's a beautiful boat.