Rainbow over Monument Beach Rainbow over our favorite anchorage– Monument Beach

One of my favorite things about spending the whole cruising season in George Town were all of the KIDS. We were able to see all our friends almost every single day! One of my personal least favorite parts of boating life are the times when we are in places without friends too long. George Town definitely doesn’t have that problem!

jumping off of the dock

This place really reminds me of Guatemala. Like Guatemala, it is like a friend paradise! At the height of the season with over 380 boats here we had lots of friends to play with every day! I made so many new friends and got to see lots of old friends too!

Playing on Pinky

fortbuilding on flipflop All of the kids spent a lot of time at Flipflop beach building forts together, and having fort cities.

Hammock town Hammock town

kids at bonfire

Me, Heather, and Alex=

homemade conch horns There were so many things to do! One day we went to a conch horn building clinic and made our own horns to blow at sunset.

pretend restaurant at chat n chill We made a pretend restaurant on Chat n’ Chill beach.

Hanging out at P&P Our favorite weekend hangout at Peace and Plenty Beach Club.

fieldtrip We went on a strange field trip on a tiny bus. The plus side - we stopped for ice cream, and I got to spend the whole day with my friends.

The other reasn George Town reminds me of Guatemala is because of the network of trails running through the island. They lead to places like the Monument, a giant pillar of stone looming over the entire harbor, and Hole Three, a lagoon buried in the heart of the island. One of my favorite things to do in George Town is explore the twists and turns of the island’s beautiful trails. Guatemala also had trails running through its jungle, that led to places like Torre Del Shaman and The Natural Pools.

sitting in my shelter sitting in my homemade shelter

Me driving the dinghy driving the dinghy around the harbor

Unlike Guatemala, we could jump into the crystal blue waters and not worry about getting eaten by crocodiles, and so far we haven’t had any problems with the sharks! Another big difference from Guatemala are the prices. In Guatemala everything was very affordable! Not like here where everything is super expensive! It’s $25 for a case of sparkeling water!

starfish exploring around our boat

Mom Grampsy and I at Tropic of Cancer Grampsy came for Christmas and we visited the Tropic of Cancer Beach.

snorkeling with turtles Snorkeling with turtles in Hooper’s Bay.

The Cruiser’s Regatta was a super fun part of our time in George Town. It was 2 weeks of events and contests for the cruisers. My mom, sister and I entered the t-shirt design contest. We designed a picture to go on the regatta t-shirt for next year, and then people voted for their favorite. None of us won but I know at least a few people who voted for mine!

tshirt design contest table t-shirt contest design table

Regatta tshirts on deck These are the t-shirts that won last year.

Ms. Andrea's winning hat Ms. Andrea won best hat at the Regatta Gala

Girls at the Gala all dressed up at the Gala

little girls at the gala

Me and my sister entered the variety show. We put on a magic show! Lorelei pulled lights from me and from her own cloak, nose, mouth and eyes. For the grand finale, I gave her a paper bag and she packed her lights away back into it. She is such a great showman, that she had everyone laughing and applauding as she coughed, sneezed and pulled lights out of her ears.

Variety show preformance variety show

My friends and I also helped Mr. Bill with his operetta for the variety show. We stood behind him and marched while he did a fun song. My favorite adult performance was Mr. Ian’s, He called it musical impressions. He dressed up as famous singers, doing quick changes and sung just like them!

Mr. Bill's preformance Preforming with Mr. Bill during the variety show. He is an amazing singer!

Junkanoo A George Town Junkanoo band played at the variety show too! They were awesome.

My friend Heather and I entered the kayak race on small boat day. It was fun, but we didn’t even get close to winning, we were second to last! I guess we should have practiced more! My mom and her friend Mr. Eric entered the blind dinghy race, that’s when one person wears a blind fold and rows while the other person tells them where to go. My mom told Mr. Eric where to go, they were doing well, until their oar broke, and they didn’t win either. It really wasn’t our day, but we had fun out there.

Kayak race with Heather waiting for the race to start

Rollick downwind dinghy race Our friends on Rollick sailed in the downwind dinghy race

During the Regatta there was an entire day for just kid events, called Family day. There were two events during family day: the sand sculpture competition, and the homemade boat races. A week before the competition Heather and I made our boat. It was a trimaran, her middle hull was made out of a coconut husk, and her two outer hulls were made out of strips of pool noodle. We made a square sail out of and old reusable grocery bag and used rocks as ballasts. We named her the S.V. Dolphin. During the race she capsised so she didn’t even cross the finish line, but we did win first prize for the most ecological boat. My sister’s boat, S.V. The Stingray’s Thorn, on the other hand was first across the finish line! For the sand sculpture competition, Heather, Alexa, and I teamed up and made an awesome sand mural with a mommy turtle, a baby turtle, and a mermaid. Our friends Luke and Katie tied with us for third place, while Lorelei’s team, which included Aiden and Luke’s sister Charlotte won first. Afterwards to end the festivities there was a bonfire with all you can eat s’mores.

homemade boat race Me with our boat

kids at small boat race

waiting to race waiting for the race to begin

sand castle competition working on our sand sculpture

roasting hotdogs roasting hotdogs at the Family Day bonfire

Lorelei roasting smores …and s’mores.

We also celebrated my 12th birthday in George Town. We had a big bonfire on Flipflop Beach, and my mom set up a scavenger hunt relay race, and gross eating contest (although it was just babyfood)! We called it survivor games. After the beach party, I had Alexa, Mia, and Heather back to the boat for a sleepover (We got approximately 3 hours of sleep! Maybe we should call it a wake-over or a squish-over!), we played games, watched a movie, and talked ALOT.

birthday cake

kids at my birthday party My birthday party

birthday sleepover the sleepover

starfishing with grampsy Grampsy came for a visit after my party. We had a great time, and showed him all of our favorite places. Unfortunately, he couldn’t meet all of my new friends because Carona Virus had already started and there was social distancing.