audrey before and after before and after

After 16 months in braces, Audrey had them removed! Yay! She will be using Invisalign at night now for the unforeseeable future. She is really happy with the results, but funnily enough, she was becoming attached to the way she looked in braces, and may have even shed a tear when they were gone.

downtown NYC

As soon as we got back to New York, GranMiri and Papa joined us on Lark for a visit. We even were able to have a fun day with Aunt Amy!

Statue of Liberty with GM and P

Central Park with Aunt Amy exploring Central Park with Aunt Amy

AMNH with Traveler Bonus! Traveler’s in town!

Our original plan was to skip straight from NYC to Puerto Rico… but boat plans are written in sand and a broken auto pilot had us pull into Cape May, New Jersey instead.

Harry Potter Halloween with Aiden Silver lining, Traveler joined us in Cape May for some Harry Potter Halloween fun!

Trick or Treating with Traveler