We visited Ms. Lorelei and Susie’s farm for the Total Solar Eclipse, and we got to stay and play on the farm for 2 days. There wont be another eclipse for 7 more years in the United States. There were two choices for where we could spend the night, either in the trailer or the cabin, I spent one night in each. Ms. Lorelei also has three dogs, Lovie, a golden lab, Sula, a sheep dog, and Scottsburg a Scottish terrier. I loved walking with Sula around the farm and she loved to play fetch and walk with me.

solar eclipse viewing party watching the eclipse

Audrey and Sula me and Sula

Audrey and Sula portrait

We also spent lots of time outdoors. There were tons of cool things to do, like wildflower picking. The farm has a lot of Goldenrod, Queen Anne’s Lace, Clover, and Black Eyed Susans. Ms. Lorelei taught me the names of all of the flowers and we picked a bouquet for my mom. There is a golf cart to get around in because the farm is so big (130 acres). In the mornings you can swim in the hot tub and take a shower in the outdoor outhouse my Grampsy built with Ms. Lorelei. Ms. Lorelei also has a lot of artwork on her farm, she has a Silver Rooster and two metal Herons looking out over the farm that she made, she is a blacksmith. I really enjoyed the trip, I can’t wait to go back to the farm!

flowers for mom This was the boquet I picked for my mom.

golfcarting with Lorelei we rode the golf cart around the farm

heron hill this is called huron hill after the two giant herons

garden collage


feeding horses with watermellon the horses loved cold watermellon

walking the farm

corn palace this is the bathroom my Grampsy and Ms. Lorelei built


Audrey on the farm



vinyard tour collage