So we’re putting in some serious time here in Spanish Wells. We got here three weeks ago at which point our injection pump promptly broke and started dumping pressurized fuel into the oil around the drive shaft. We were alerted to this condition when we went to leave for Harbour Island and the engine briefly ran away on us when the oil was diluted to almost straight diesel. Then, as we were being towed to the dock where we planned to tie up safely while dealing with the pump, the steering failed. The pin in the last link of the motorcycle chain sheared and the link came apart. It does kinda make you feel like someone’s looking out for you to have two rather significant and dangerous equipment failures wait until you are in safe harbor just after an open water crossing.

Anyway, I’ve repaired the steering with a nice beefy stainless shackle just exactly the right size to substitute for the chain link. I’m also getting a new emergency tiller mount fabricated here on the island. That’s the last time we’ll go out without some fallback steering.

Now we wait on an injection pump. We called up Transatlantic Diesel and they said they’d get it right out us and then called us back to say “Whoops we don’t have one yet, but we’re remanufacturing one now and can send it next week.” What are you going to do? I just really hope I can get Dean from over at Pinder’s Tune Up to come switch it out for me when it comes, because oh I forgot to mention: we actually replaced the pump one time already since we got to Spanish Wells. I found a spare aboard, which in retrospect, the previouse owner must have only kept for parts. Our wonderful new friend Erik offered to put in two days with me switching out the pump. We did that only to discover the spare pump is calibrated for some other purpose and can’t run Perky any higher than 1100 rpm. It was enough fun the first time around that I’m now fully prepared to pay someone else to do it the second time.

But anyway. Spanish Wells does indeed have some beautiful beaches and the folks are friendly if reserved. So here we are.