Our birthday parties have changed since leaving Colorado, and that is a little adjustment, especially for me and Audrey. Instead of tons of friends and fancy themes, they are much simpler. Audrey has been trying to plan her party since January, and I had to keep reminding her that we didn’t know if we would be in Florida or the Bahamas, and we had no idea if there would be any kids around. It turns out we were in the Bahamas and there aren’t any boat kids in Green Turtle right now (although there is the prospect of some in the next few days).


There are lots of friendly cruisers though that showed up for a pool party, and of course there is Grampsy! He hasn’t missed a birthday yet, and he always makes it feel special. Also, she got fun birthday calls from her family, which are always my favorite part of a birthday!



We did fulfill one of her plans, to bake a rainbow cake (or at least we attempted to). They turned out more like heart shaped, giant stacks of indistinguishable colored cupcakes. They were yummy though!

She also got her hair braided and we went for pedicures together!




A week late we did find a bunch of local girls for a a proper pool party. Better late then never!

It was a great birthday week!