We forgot to mention what in the heck happened to all those school posts we used to do. Did we become unschoolers? Get lazy? Well, yeah, maybe a litte of each. But really we discussed it and decided that these poor kids do deserve a little privacy, so we should stop posting every last detail of everything they do for school.

We do want to continue to post about our experiences as homeschoolers though and so we’ll be doing a bit more of that.

Audrey is working on Life of Fred Ice Cream, Story of the World Vol. 3; First Language Lessons, Level 2, Writing With Ease Level 3, MCP Spelling Workout C, weekly chemistry experiments from Adventures with Atoms and Molecules, Duolingo Spanish, and Yoga and Capoeira.

Lo has been working on TYCTRI100EL and Earlybird Kindergarten Math A from Singapore Math, Yoga, Capoeira, and participates in Audrey’s lessons in science and grammar.