What’s left of our life on land is now gone. The storage locker we moved the last of our things into is empty! It was a big step, another big purge, and I didn’t know if I had it in me, but honestly it is nice to be rid of it. I realized that for the amount of money we were spending on the locker per year, I could easily replace the few small things I would ever need from it.

We shipped my dad four boxes and our skis. The boxes included our keepsakes (my grandmothers china, the girls outfits that they wore home from the hospital, and some picture CDs), our ski things, and some warm clothes in case we could meet him somewhere chilly this winter, and that’s about it!

Dad with boxes

Jacob’s parents also kept a couple of boxes for us. They are going to take over the bulk of the girls’ dress-up collection for them to enjoy at their house, and they are housing our homeschool things that we will need for Lorelei in a couple of years.

We finished the big unloading just in time for our lease at Harbortown Marina to end and us to weigh anchor.

getting started

The locker before we got started

going through boxes


Audrey in fur

The girls loved looking for treasures in the boxes they hadn’t seen in a year or more