our route (on Trip30)

It’s the final day of the cruise. We are heading back to Bellingham today. We had one final breakfast together, and weighed anchor. It is windy today and the seas are a little choppier than they have been the rest of the week. I actually felt a little sea sick briefly today. The weather was so perfect for the rest of the trip though! We wore shorts and t-shirts during the day, and long sleeves and pants at night. I love this type of weather, and that is one thing I’m definitely not missing about Florida!

Leaving Pleasant Bay with a little choppy water

We practiced docking a little more, before pumping out the boat one last time, and pulling back into the slip we left from. The dockings went very smoothly and I feel like I’m really getting the hang of it. Sundance is a little more maneuverable compared to Lark though, so it is easier to be going VERY slowly into a slip and still have a little steerage. I’m hoping all these skills will transfer to Lark, because I’m excited with my new sense of confidence.

Tearful goodbyes all around. I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect group of women to sail and live with for the week. Everyone brought their own strengths, endearing qualities and sense of humor to the trip that made it such a wonderful experience.

Next stop, a long shower at my hotel! That 40 minutes felt amazing compared to the 5 minute (for 6 quarters) showers everywhere else in the islands.

I fly home to my family tomorrow. I missed them all along, but in the beginning of the trip I was really basking in all the glory of being responsible only for myself! It was a great novelty for me not to worry if anyone else was ready for bed, or was hungry. I didn’t rush anyone else to the bathroom, or pick out anyone else’s clothes. It was pretty nice. After a few days though, I started to really miss the morning cuddles, and our school routine, and now I can’t wait to see them again!


Dinner with Chris in Bellingham